Time is LocalWe like We & Jacob KirkegaardSonic Pieces, 2019

The piece was initiated and performed by the artists during the G((o))ng Tomorrow Festival in 2017. As they slowly wandered the halls and rooms of the museum for a whole day, they performed extended sound compositions for a visiting audience at each of the 12 chambers for a longer session – a haunting experience as the outside world disappeared and the focus was on quiet sonic moments unfolding in midst of the grand, reverberous space. For this album they have collected 12 fragments revolving around the chambers in the museum. Each chamber is being represented by its own handful of tones, instruments and voice. The statues within, depicted by neo-classicist sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen get their own soundtrack of quiet emanating gusts. Barely heard frequencies reflect through the walls. The marble carved busts of Greek gods that line the museum hallways gaze eternally with a blank stare as decades pass and new audience arrives. As a document of their 12h performance, Time is Local is a beautiful sonic evocation that shines as a bright line of sun through the cracks of a tomb.

Next to the entire AllSonic Pieces, 2017

Next to the entire All is both a mind bending and grounded piece of work fitting naturally next to other Sonic Pieces releases such as Hauschka & Hildur Gudnadottir’s Pan Tone or Christoph Berg‘s Conversations, while adding a northern minimalism. A record as hard to shake off as it is to describe. The album is We like We’s second full length album released December 1st 2017

EMP RMX 333Dacapo Records, 2016

With the release of EMP RMX 333 – A Tribute to Else Marie Pade, released on Dacapo Records, We like We and 10 other artists payed a tribute to Else Marie Pade who passed away in January 2016.

Someone Told Me I Was Paradise For YouThe Being Music, 2016

Someone Told Me I Was Paradise For You is the endless mantra that is whispered into your ear during the late hours of a dark blue summer night. It is four individual voices and reflections braided together as a unit in the depths of the collective unconsciousness. This single track was released late summer 2016.

a new Age of SensibilityThe Being Music, 2014

We like We’s debut album is a musical study on the complexity of present life as a human being, caught in between mind, tradition, logic and experience vs. primal instincts such as impuls. It is a reflection on the culture of our classical instruments versus their nature and individuality versus collectiveness. Released onThe Being Music December 2014

Time Is Local, 2017

Time is Local is a 12 hour multichannel live installation/performance developed and composed in collaboration with the Danish soundartist Jacob Kirkegaard at Thorvaldsen‘s Museum in Copenhagen. Premiered at ((GONG)) November 2017.

Installations, performances & collaborations

Myte om Mørke, 2019

During 2018/19 We like We has been composing the music for a new opera “Myth of Darkness” produced by Nordic Opera, in Denmark, premiering in Copenhagen this August at Copenhagen Opera Festival.

The opera celebrates the Danish writer, provocateur and one of the most famous debater of her time: Elsa Gress (2019-1988), whom would have turned 100 this year.

Alexandra Moltke Johansen: Libretto
Lotte Andersen: Director
Simone Bartholin: Scenography and stage design
Mikkel Jensen: Light designer
Ronni Morgenstjerne: Choreograper

Regína Unnur Ólafsdóttir, soprano
Nana Bugge Rasmussen, mezzo-soprano
Daniel Carlsson, countertenor

and We like We

Time Is Local, 2017

Time is Local is a 12 hour multichannel live installation/performance developed and composed in collaboration with the Danish soundartist Jacob Kirkegaard at Thorvaldsen‘s Museum in Copenhagen. Premiered at ((GONG)) November 2017.

CORPUS, 2017

Starting September 2017 with acknowledged Israeli choreographer Niv Marinberg, We like We and CORPUS will be researching the interaction between improvised music and dance. CORPUS is an autonomic part of The Royal Danish Ballet consisting of six dancers and a creative team led by Tim Matiakis. Through workshops, jam sessions and performances during the coming two seasons, the artists will join forces in their investigation of the open, improvised space.

Mawaca, 2017

During a Residency at Festival Música Estranha, São Paulo, Brazil  in November 2017, we composed and performed a new collaborative piece with the renowned Brazilian choir Mawaca, specialized in indigenous music from all over the world.

The Wave - A Journey To the End of the Pier, 2017

During Frost Festival 2017 we provided sound for the interactive installation created by the renowned light collective Vertigo and award winning Danish sound designer Peter Albrechtsen, at Ofelia Plads in the center of Copenhagen.

Circle Concert, 2017

Below Ofelia Plads, in a newly build parking lot, we played two sets in a ritual circle concert with artists such as Liima, The Entrepreneurs, Pede B & DJ Noize & Katinka.

Rethink RADAR

A double installation concert w. KVINDEBANDET staged by the Danish multimedia artist Signe Klejs.

SMK Fridays

Concert installation in the Modern section of the National Gallery of Denmark inspired and surrounded by exhibited art pieces such as Kirstine Roepstorff‘s “Desolation of the Beast” and Danh Vo’s “We the People“.

Diesel House

We like We’s first live performance took place during Frost Festival in Copenhagen, February 2013. A unique double concert with the Danish band Efterklang. We like We played a live installation concert composed for the event on top of a 1400 tons heavy diesel engine at Diesel House.


Tišina means ‘Silence’ in Slovenian. If we’re pronouncing it right it’s a beautiful word, but it’s so much more than that. It does not only contain the ‘sssch’ sound (which you use when you want to silence someone), but it also has an inexplicable serene touch to it. The video is made by designer and visual artist Stina Resting


Influenza, 2018

We like We composed the music for filmmaker Bjarke Underbjerg‘s influenza (on Kirstine Roepstorff) is a feature length documentary about the danish artist Kirstine Roepstorff, who was appointed danish national representative at the 57th edition of the worlds most prestigious art event, la biennale di venezia.

Halvmand, 2016

We like We’s music is featured in the short movie Halvmand directed by Frederik Louis Hviid starring actors Jens Albinus and Marina Bouras! Time is running out for Marina, who wants to start a family – Jens only has his declining career as a TV-actor in mind. So when he gets an opportunity to boost his career, he secretly puts a stop to the family expansion.

Yde, 2016

Composing the soundtrack for the Danish Prêt-à-Porter brand YDE‘s spring/summer collection 2016 conceptualized and created by acclaimed Danish designer Ole Yde and shown during Paris Fashion Week.

Stormflod, 2015

Composing the soundtrack for all episodes of Stormflod a radiodrama produced by DR – Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Denmark’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. We like We’s dark and organic sounds reflected this dystopian nuclear disaster drama, written and directed by Thomas Bjerregaard-Nielsen, perfectly.